3 Dimensions of Impactful Leaders

1) Insight: Understanding yourself, your communication style, your values, and your unique perspective helps you better understand other people. Expand your ability to serve and optimize communication and connection by exploring what you bring to professional relationships and what you can further develop. Amplify your impact as a leader by keeping the needs of your team in-sight.

2) Trust in instincts: You have achieved success and proficiency in your work; learn how to listen to your intuition to further advance your leadership abilities. Explore your highest values and how they guide your decision making. Learn to identify the limits you set on yourself and challenge them. Gain the confidence to put your ideas into action.

3) Wellbeing in action: Self-care is not a concept; it is action you can choose to take every day. Feeding your needs as a person gives you perspective and bandwidth to be invested in the work of supporting others. Practice setting healthy boundaries at work and teaching your team to do the same. A life with balance between work and personal life creates space for creativity and passion to grow.