Coaching Philosophy

Great leaders understand people, bring out their natural talents and inspire them. The highest performing systems are made up of people functioning at their best. Challenges become opportunities for growth. Diversity and differences lead to meaningful discourse.
Physician leadership coaching works for leaders wanting to have a positive impact on their team, and breakthrough to the next level of achievement. Coaching is a structured process of self-exploration, with a focus on professional development, goals, and alignment with personal values. I will partner with you in your authentic self-exploration as you gain clarity around your vision and develop tools to get you there. You will be challenged, validated, and pushed to think outside the box and try new things. Your perspective will broaden and insight and awareness will expand. The focus is on forward momentum with intention and purpose.

When physicians dedicate time to develop their leadership, uncertainty gives way to calm and confidence needed to support their team. Unlocking this higher dimension of the mind yields excitement, and hope, which drive innovation.


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