Drivers to Engage in Your Coaching Program

To Align: Dissatisfaction at work could be a sign of a conflict between your work practice and your core personal values. Explore your highest values, how to engage in more meaningful work, and learn the tools you need to align your personal values and your work.

To Restore: You are facing burnout, a decreased sense of engagement and fulfillment in your work. Learn to find more balance in your life, identify the barriers to feeling empowered and become excite by your work again and personally refreshed.

To Balance: You have experienced a life event or transition that took your attention away from your career. You want to feel connected and reengage in work with life balance. Find how to manage your life on your own terms.

To Connect: You aim to work on your communication to help you be more effective in your leadership, foster trust and strengthen relationships. Focus on your communication style and that of others to understand your strengths and areas for development.

To Transition: You are ready to shift into a new professional phase, whether it is a new area of medicine or another field. Explore what you want to bring with you and what you want to leave behind. Understand your intentions for the future and how to pursue your goals.